Yesterday and today again I learnt a lot about wounded wild boar and blood tracking. I shot on a wild boar. I found only one drop of blood. Caliber: 9.3x62. Ammunition: Sako Powerhead Barnes. Diana Kleopátra started to work on the track, started twice and after found the right way. After 70 m found a flat of the hand blood and I heard that the wild boar walked away on the left side. After we decided that we will wait until the morning. At the morning, again started to work with Diana Kleopátra, she found more blood (not too much was on the track) just where the boar stopped a bit. I have to mention that the weather conditions were not so good, -10 degrees at the night and started to snow at the morning. Blood tracking was really hard (That time the track was around 14 hours old). That's why we decided to call a friend who can help bit more with Bavarian Bloodhound. Honestly, he went on the same and right track as Diana. Finally, Bavarian found 3 wounded bed and the dead wild boar. This work was really amazing. I have to mention Pálinka z Dziada Pradziada who worked well as a second dog after Diana. About the shot: on the left side shot the stomach-intestinals, at the right side where the bullet came outside, went through the rear right leg. It means dead shot. Extraordinary was the bright blood and just a few.